Monday, December 10, 2012


i am just praised to Allah that I have so many friends that cares about me,..

5th of December : toothache fever+ headache..

  • i dunno why, my toothache on this day is so bad,since I cried like crazy in my room,n eventually let it flooded the room with my tears..tears falls and falls,I were so sad.why not,the pain is too terrible,and guess what,i felt like i have a migraine (one-side headache)
  • 315 am : called Elyna n her boyfie to ask help ; bring me to the nearest clinic.( can I call Utp's clinic a clinic?yes,that's why they din provide corresponding medicine for toothache , think so ..) touched 1st time..
  • thank god, apez (annes's boyfie) got car,so that they can bring me to 7E to find a painkiller ,yeah,they got it, so called '' Hurix's Toothache drop''.it heals a bit,but still, >.<
  • then come back UTP, relieve a bit,happy :) tomorrow----6th , i din go to lecture,not enough sleep lor ,sorry my lecturer's, i din mean it..
  • alwani and wan, my companion,day and night,; (lecture..)called me..touched 2nd time..
  • and you now what,seri bought me jelly and visit me at my room,brought the yummy 'sumi' with all those test papers,assignments and quizzes, touched..for the 3rd time :')
  • those classmates, keep on asking '' are u okay?'' ,asked in tweeter..touched 4th time..
  • fridayy--7th: finishing Pce MEB (mass energy balance with seri at IRC + ) practice for caklempong assestment)
  • saturdayy---caklempong assesment : fine! i like it! :)
  • saturday---finishing FF project!and my groupmate were all awesome! XD
  • sundayy---finishing PCE project with seri :)
  • monday--- submit FF project + PCE project----Test o chem @@
  • in coming weeks : test 2 FF, quiz VC ,quiz PCE ,test IS n bla2,.@@

road to final in 3 weeks time : (27th Dec 2012)

see you in 3rd january ><

Monday, November 26, 2012

ok,if that is your wish.. many things that hurts i'm a bit down..

frankly speaking,i'm so sad lately,i've done such bad job.annoyed others,crying like crazy--deep inside ''who cares?'' no one cares..
i duno why,am i too disgusting in the eyes of YOU?i need someone to talk to,to share,to cry on when i've faced problem,but there's none.null=zero=0..i am searching for YOu all day long,but u seems so busy,so i just give a try--contact you,stalk you,anything..
but when you are there,u avoid me,why?why pple tend to avoid me?i've tried my best to reduce mistakes,im trying to be as happy as i can to minimize my stress,i really hope that YOU are the one who support me from the back,but up to today,u just successfully gave me 3 hazardous words,reminder,cautions which are obviously forcing me not to find u,depend on you,just give on you.ok..that is the 3rd one,i think thats enough for me already,pray for your happiness,goodluck in everything,assalam 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

it is today..

the day amoy---- (my sweats = raining heavily )

20th Nov 2012 :

  • 0800-0900 : Vector calculus quiz :O (pocket c)

  • 0900-1200 : Lab o chem :p (run v4->blok4 )

  • 1200-1300 : IS (amoy zz @@ )(pocket c)

  • 1300-1345 : Solah at seri room O.O (v5)

  • 1400-1600 : PCE lecture,interpret graph XD (blok5)

  • 1600-1730 : Run to IRC to print front page of project,block4->5->4->3, meet dr,saibal =='

  • 1900-1930 : Solah,buy food(s),v3 cafe-pavement :D

  • 2100-2330 : Lab report,graph,scan graph :|(v4)

  • 2330-0000 : Ironing,fold dry clothes :'| (v4)

..this is...normal day, on tuesday,better than thursday.. =.= .just imagine,I run here n there,I don't have car,moto,bike..walking n running is the only way :)
..each and every village abv. as (V1-V5) , IRC , blok (1-23) are all far apart..this may be the factor that I can lost my weight easily here..

oh, I thought myself is chicken :p

Saturday, November 17, 2012

now watching beautiful scenery of pocket C from Seri's room..

17th November 2012 :

  • 0230 : watching horror movies entitled' the tale of two sisters' with anne, XD

  • 0400 : sleep @@

  • 0650 : Subuh prayer

  • 0720 : tweeting,fbking,laughing,bath

  • 0850 : off to Caklempong replacement class
                           - played G.Anak & Sauwa
  • 1100 : Caklempong slot @@

  • 1300 : lunch  XD

  • 1350 : Zuhur prayer :)

  • 1410 : Nap @@

  • 1430 : off to seri's room (PCE project)

  • 1700 : Asar prayer, blogging., XD

  • 1800 : jogiing with seri XD

  • 2100 : claim books n have dinner with those sarawakian :)

 I miss Sarawak..see you in January,I'm going back,can't wait~ ^^

Friday, November 16, 2012

im so sorry..

sometimes,i feel like i am the one who creates all the problems occurred.
people tend to find me when it is regarding homework tasks,assignments,n anything that they think benefit to them.i feel happy inside,but my moms said ''don't u feel like they don't  even ask if u got problems?they just pretending that they care,but they din,if they did,why ur still crying n craving for me? ''...
i like it when u say ''are u okay amoy?u seems so sad''at least u recognize me.u ur so observant..i like it when,''sokay amoy,if u dowant to share,later if u find that ur so depressed,just give me a call..
if u feel like i am the want who obstruct u,just say it,but not loudly,send me a text,give me some signs,signs carries no meaning with avoiding me here,never create ur own war,ill try my best to solve it as u treat others equally..
if u don't know anything,never interrupt,search for the real truth,once again,don't be arrogant as u can solve everything by ourselves, we are human,we need other living creatures to stand still here on earth,

p/s: i'm not alien..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

its sunday! XD

the list of things done n not yet done :

done from 4th - 11th nov:

  1.  vc--vector calculus
  2.  FF--fluid flow
  3.  oc-- organic chemistry
  4.  PCE-- principle of chemical engineering
  5.  IS-- islamic studies
  • Monday-- vc n FF submission of --assignment
  • Tuesday-- oc lab report
  • Wednesday-- test FF
  • Thursday-- assignment oc n hysys in PCE
  • Friday-- PCE test
  • Saturday-- suppose caklempong assestment
  • Sunday-- assignment IS *submit on monday 12th

  • dance practice every night from 2030-0000
  • pesta gamelan
  • washing clothes
  • update status *lalala
  • texting
  • dating *oops
  • hang out frens
  • mcd
  • ipoh
  • cinema
  • sleeping!

basically,these few weeks bring me tiredness,as long as there are no holidays,means u are still in UTP. == .luckily im goin back tomorrow!wana meet mama,daddy n my beloved sistar especially as as they just arrived in KL on 6th,.super excited! (except mama,came earlier),this had successfully motivate me to undergo this scary couples weeks ever in UTP.
      here,id like to emphasize,don't judge a book by its cover,really hate it! haha,in a sudden,watever,first of all,id like to thnks those who appreciate me as their frens bcoz of ull support towards me,im quite busy,i really need entertainment to cheer  n freshen me tired,aha (*insight,) to save time,  i mean like for the preparations of tests n quizzes, i tend to have 2 packets of instance noodle.what the :O
meals of the day (quiz,test)

oppps,im writing in the sleepy mode,!why not,arrive UKM 1330 saturday,function ended,0000 sunday,off to UTP around 0100,reached UTP 0430,i miss my bed!ok,later cont with another events in  my life,wanna sleep after finishing my laundry session,.~tatata @@

Thursday, November 1, 2012

gold medal for basketball and siver medal for the overall organised sports !

I can achieve gold medal in basketball?what an amazing experience!

gold is mine :")


STE R.I.P :)

its been so long i din write anything,its since august,n now its November,what a painful couple months,hate it
guess what,tis sem is the worst i think,i have so many things to do,then when is the  free time?null,long sigh
i love be in the busy mode,but,its butt when u are hoping for smth good which can relieve u from those uneasy feelings,tiredness,boredom,stress,pain,everywhere,anywhere,pple will have their own way to release all that,
a month ago,i went to STE camp,i was so nervous,why not,its a camp,for me,any camp organised got several similar agenda to be conducted,got tortured,stayin up late,strict conductors,n so forth,ut is actually not!!heee,.like it!by the time i reached PD,i felt so happy,relax mode,im away from these n that thing,if u got wat i mean,loads of activities held,one of it is STE idol,should I post my singing vid?i dont think so! lol XD
singer for samba 6 ,loll,im singing for that night ,from left,farid,hasrul,amoy,abbas n elyna XD

we got number one for this competition :)
i mean this:
we have to build as high arch as we can,.as long as its stable,heee XD

i love my family here.we did all together,.mr jalil,and madam zubaidah :) happy family :)
last day..we played a lot :) gonna mis this huhu :")

war cry :) :
cant upload.the video is not with me..
we got it in the end by using the last method!! :)

prisoner~! lol XD
wat kind of games is this?mke a guess :

my rooomate here :

gonna miss all ,. :') thank you..

Friday, July 6, 2012

last semester of becoming foundy~

              the semester of legend,.where smth ends...

I love to study..but then,.my study went wrong at the end of the sem as I assume the coursework marks are the best indicator to know what am I stdying for the whole semester?I am wondering,.where is the mistake?am I too lazy?
first and foremost..I'd like to express my feelings towards this ending semester of being foundy~
  • happy beginning!
 I'm quiet impressed with my result..why not?I got almost full marks for all my quizzes in respective subjects.,huhu!proud of myself! :) btw,.I ve moved to another village,.meaning to say another 'mansion; I can say,.where there are 11 members in it!! I felt like staying at home with my bombastic housemates+tutormates+couresemates,.bla2..
every evening,.with my beloved friends Khai,.we went jog!wow!with full determination,.I ran at about 20 mins non-stop,.ahah,.amazing!I can't believe that my strength was that much~
playing games,.cycling,.all we did together,.some times with my fellow housemates also,.not to forget,.amy..

heee,.my new hobbies?see you in the next post!!

love u dayangku mas ashura,....

to my dearest sistar :)

tau x,.akak rindu sgt kat awk,.u din miss me?emm,.kalu na dijadikn cerita,.pnjg sgt,.die ni special dri adik2 yg lain,.sbb die comel,.derr.,ahha,. ta tela,.sorry,.bo na tulis sal adeq,.akak bizi sgt,.
jumpe awal2,.'name sape?rumah pe?'.,hee,,naseb bek ta jmpa kt muka buku,.eww,.geli !
ce tgok pic dei ckit,.ololo,.
nila adek amoy,.I called her adeq..mcm amoy pnggil adeq kndung amoy,.amoy na citer skit sal die nih..,hee..
she is dayangku mas ashura :) I miss you..
ape tg best sal die ni?? 

  • pemalu(kalu dikaco sahaja)hahaa
  • personality hmpir sama!!eh,.asal cm tiru ape die komen sal amoy?haha :D
  • comel,.eh,.of course,.requirement na jdi adik agkt amoy uh,.one and foremost reason klu na jdi my adopted sistar,.ceh,.tatela,.tipu je :)
  • eyy,.ape lagi a,.mnt org sejenis?eh,.salah3,.mnt org yg sama gaya ok,.bkn sama org atau yg anda fkirkn -ve tu,.hee 
  • syg die,.die salu ksi bnde manis kalu amoy nga sdey,.tau2 je bile amoy sdeh,.,nah,.cmnila adek solehah.,]
hebat dlm mengedit ni,.adoy,.kalu soh die edit gambo org muka ta lawa un da jdi lwa sbb die wat,.hahaa,.
na ijadikan cerita,.ktorg tersuka dgn org yg ada prtalian drh,.adoy,.jodohnye,..emm,,.tyme tu,,amoy dh rase happy sgt..adoy,.comelnye budak ni :),.serius,.die lawa kan?
tgok mata die,.die dh terjebak dgn amoy,.astaghfirullah,.ape amoy wat ni,.aja bnde cm gini lak,.ahhaa,.;)  
na tnye,.muka amoy ngn die same ta??tpi muka die ngn minah ni same kan?

same kan?tapi die ta caye,,.ahhaa,.amoy rindu adeq,.:'(
skunk die ngah berkursus.,sibuknye die,.msti pnat..okla,.
kcian die kne crik ruang na text ngn amoy,.hee...mlm ni die jnji na bukak blog moy :) syg die,.
jgn marah ngn amoy k?eh,.cpe yg brani ckp die prasan ni?amoy yg ckp muke die cm suzy miss A,.bkn die sndri ok,.cpe ckp die prasan g sipa die!!
okla,.gtg,.amoy bnyk kje, :) love u sistar ;)
bo na ckp,.amoy bnci kucing,.tu jela yg ktorg ta same! ! :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

semester 2 history,..

      Hello.,me myself wondering,.how can I keep my 'feelings' away from my education matters??>
First and foremost,.Id like to summarize my 1st semester foundation in UTP,.
best!!!!!hahaa,.yeah,.I like it,..less cry,.less pain,.happy always,.why do I need to be sad as I have all my friends right beside me,.whatever I do,.Wherever I go,.always be,.
convo fair festive

best-est friends since sem1 

2nd semester in UTP!~
First,.it is after eid raya,.huhu,.so sad,.Im very tired,.just imagine,.going back to KUCHING from PERAK is not an interesting journey to have.,
  1. Having a ride to Batu Gajah Train center- ETS
  2.  Riding ETS to KL CENTRAL
  3. Taking bus@cab@klia express-the most efficient
  4. Aviation through air,.fly to KUCHING
  5. Waiting for parents to fetch me up
  6. Home sweet home...
kl central


this was my first time experienced of having this kind of long2 journey..
I am a bit shocked on my first day of stepping this sem,.it is regarding the subjects itself!!
  1. THINKING SKILLS-how to think??
  2. ISLAMIC STUDIES-P.A.I in English??
  4. ENGLISH II-IELTS Banding??
  5. CO-CURRICULUM-I like!!

All of these subjects have its own story behind it,..
Thinking skills??
Oh no,.I did enjoyed the class at first,.no cry,.no pain,.but,.as the times grew older n older..I am sleepy in lectures,.it is not because of the lecturer,.me myself!aaa,.lack of focus,.dunno why,.as I bored,.I'll play,.hhaH,.making noises,.mumbling,.aaaaaiyaaaa,.boredom around my head,when come to test,.ahah!Gotcha~~my first one was bad,.It goes a little bit ok n ok later,.but still,.affect my coursework mark!huh!!its okay,.praise to Allah,.not too low,.ok,.but still,.aaaaaaaaaaaaa.,
    next,."ok,.I want group 16 to meet me after this,."I was like, is regarding our t.s group project,."yes sir,.?".,"your group have a problem,,.it is about plagiarism,.""what???!!who are plagiarizer ?"sigh,..there are group who sent their hardcopy project exactly as ours,.mmm,.i think,.this is the reason why my group cant score full mark,.minus 2 marks,.
Islamic studies..
"almost perfect!"the term i like the most,.when my group done the presentation for the outreach project entitled 'war in islam'.hahah./why not!serious,.i did not prepare anything on that day,.because ustazah 'called' us randomly,.i tried my best,.n,.it works!
   too good to be true,.there loads of homework need to be done and submit on time,.,'your homework for today is....'stack of homework need to be compiled at the end of week 14,.aiiiuu!~
with my 'sisters!'

my fellow departments during activity

fellow girls
   The down to earth project,.i am in the event n protocol departments,.aaaii,.what to do a?we are going to 'rumah anak yatim darul hikmah,gopeng,perak' meet those orphanage there.,hee,.I like it!! 
         memorization and recitation of alquran,.hahaa,.i was freaky nervous,.since my alfatihah recitation got mixed with other suras,.haha,..shameful,.nervous what,.hahaa
         islamic speech review,.my session was on the last trip,.haha,.it entitled perished nations,.praised to allah,.it ran smoothly,.hahaa,.i cnt believe that i can recite several ayahs in surahs al-waqiah fluently n also gave their respective meanings,.thank god!
        what was also i cnt forget is the learning session.,.ustazah showed some videos to us,,as usual,.an islamic videos,.aa,.creepy,.i do prefer those beautiful pics,.but!not an DISGUSTING onE,.euww,.like,.hukm hudud,.(chop off head).,the crime scene(cats,dogs,goats etc,being slaughtered),.eee,.current issues,.as usual,.hahaa,.sometimes funny,.sometimes,.a meaningful event to all of us,.what we need to concern,,what to avoid n what to practice,.
portfolio,.-sum up homework,.+reflections+friends mind maps +personal details,.
ok!!done with i.s tasks!
last day..

aeshh,."what was he talking about just now??"typical question asked to my course mates,.haha,.i dont understand single word u know!!!!!!
hahaa,.I am once took science field,.so,.its a big awkward of studying programming a.k.a IT now,.plus,.Im also weak in compute-ring,.plus,.lack of interest in software engineering,.
  the benefits are,.I can study a lot about some programs in several laptops,.pc or any electronic device that use the C++ code to run,.hahaa,.funny,.awesomeness,.I screamed countless timeif I can run n design a program,.now,.i miss it!
   test,.quizzes,.assignments,.all over,,I am happy with it,.but projects?.a bit clumsy,.still,.I'm very satisfied,m..

english II.,

i like my English's lecturer,.' his accent,.wow!!my first impression will be"eh?Seri,.do u know where he came from?is he Malaysian?>>"same goes to Islamic studies,.hundreds of tasks,.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... 

  • CASE STUDY-traditional jobs-rubber taper,midwife,shepherd..
GRRRRRR,.all done,.ahhahaha,.tired what,.:p
n now come this part,heee.,,cocu!!


behind the scene
im taking basic dance for my cocu,.heee,.I love to dance,.I have my own crews,.haha,.namely papiilion,.we have to present group performance +individually..guest what,.my group got 27/30,.hee,.and me myself got 53/60 for individual,.hee,.at first,.I am not very satisfied,.but when I heard that our n my performance was the best n achieved the highest marks among the other dancers,.I was really happy!!its amused me! heee,.it paid all those efforts we've being through/.,
all of us,.heee!!I lke!@

nowww,.I am enjoying two weeks holidays,.i love my current roommate,.love you marsha!!
still at v2,.but together we brought all of our belongings to village 4.,
by hook or by crook,.walking what,.tired loh,.no car,.no lorry,.
  • prank ninie-bfday
  • went to teluk batik-banana boat+coffee boat
  • ipoh parade-christmas with kyah+unknown,.hahaa,.thanks syahrul
  • watching marsha performing her assessment-caklempong
  • missing test paper-programming
  • wrong assignment done-programming
  • rush to class@wrong class
  • knew a few people inside and ouside UTP-teheeeee,.
  • final exam-susah wo!!  
its all abouts sem II,.I like it!hope I can forget the past and lead a happy life ever,.amin,....