Thursday, November 1, 2012


STE R.I.P :)

its been so long i din write anything,its since august,n now its November,what a painful couple months,hate it
guess what,tis sem is the worst i think,i have so many things to do,then when is the  free time?null,long sigh
i love be in the busy mode,but,its butt when u are hoping for smth good which can relieve u from those uneasy feelings,tiredness,boredom,stress,pain,everywhere,anywhere,pple will have their own way to release all that,
a month ago,i went to STE camp,i was so nervous,why not,its a camp,for me,any camp organised got several similar agenda to be conducted,got tortured,stayin up late,strict conductors,n so forth,ut is actually not!!heee,.like it!by the time i reached PD,i felt so happy,relax mode,im away from these n that thing,if u got wat i mean,loads of activities held,one of it is STE idol,should I post my singing vid?i dont think so! lol XD
singer for samba 6 ,loll,im singing for that night ,from left,farid,hasrul,amoy,abbas n elyna XD

we got number one for this competition :)
i mean this:
we have to build as high arch as we can,.as long as its stable,heee XD

i love my family here.we did all together,.mr jalil,and madam zubaidah :) happy family :)
last day..we played a lot :) gonna mis this huhu :")

war cry :) :
cant upload.the video is not with me..
we got it in the end by using the last method!! :)

prisoner~! lol XD
wat kind of games is this?mke a guess :

my rooomate here :

gonna miss all ,. :') thank you..

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