Saturday, April 27, 2013



I bet all of you guys knew already, what is gwiyomi all about, for those who still dunno, i'll make it clear now, Gwiyomi literally means cute. Based on wikipedia,

''The Gwiyomi Song, or Kwiyomi Song (귀요미 송), is a K-pop single by South Korean singer Hari and was released on February 18, 2013. It was inspired by a gesture from rapper South Korean Jung Ilhoon of boy group BtoB. The gesture is called 'Gwiyomi Player', which became an Internet meme in October 2012 followed by its first appearance on South Korean reality show by SBS MTV named MTV Diary. The gesture has also inspired many Asian netizens to upload their own versions onto the internet.'' (wikipedia,2013)

Erm, I think that could be a brief explanation regarding Gwiyomi, wanna watched it?I do heard rumors saying that this Gwiyomi is something to do with 'Yahudi'. Which to believe is up to you,for me as long as no proof uphold, its okay. Different people have their own perception about this. Some may dislike, some votes up!. So its up to you guys, for me it a good way to entertain small kids, as I did it for my nieces and they enjoy it. The song is perfectly 'mignon '  (cute). I love one of the video uploaded at Youtube, by a girl, I think she is Chinese. She is absolutely  cute,  and thanks to her that I am able to follow those hand gestures demonstrated by her. Let's watch it together! 
Original version : 

Mine was :
 thanks for watching and again, sorry for any inappropriate actions :)