Friday, July 6, 2012

last semester of becoming foundy~

              the semester of legend,.where smth ends...

I love to study..but then,.my study went wrong at the end of the sem as I assume the coursework marks are the best indicator to know what am I stdying for the whole semester?I am wondering,.where is the mistake?am I too lazy?
first and foremost..I'd like to express my feelings towards this ending semester of being foundy~
  • happy beginning!
 I'm quiet impressed with my result..why not?I got almost full marks for all my quizzes in respective subjects.,huhu!proud of myself! :) btw,.I ve moved to another village,.meaning to say another 'mansion; I can say,.where there are 11 members in it!! I felt like staying at home with my bombastic housemates+tutormates+couresemates,.bla2..
every evening,.with my beloved friends Khai,.we went jog!wow!with full determination,.I ran at about 20 mins non-stop,.ahah,.amazing!I can't believe that my strength was that much~
playing games,.cycling,.all we did together,.some times with my fellow housemates also,.not to forget,.amy..

heee,.my new hobbies?see you in the next post!!

love u dayangku mas ashura,....

to my dearest sistar :)

tau x,.akak rindu sgt kat awk,.u din miss me?emm,.kalu na dijadikn cerita,.pnjg sgt,.die ni special dri adik2 yg lain,.sbb die comel,.derr.,ahha,. ta tela,.sorry,.bo na tulis sal adeq,.akak bizi sgt,.
jumpe awal2,.'name sape?rumah pe?'.,hee,,naseb bek ta jmpa kt muka buku,.eww,.geli !
ce tgok pic dei ckit,.ololo,.
nila adek amoy,.I called her adeq..mcm amoy pnggil adeq kndung amoy,.amoy na citer skit sal die nih..,hee..
she is dayangku mas ashura :) I miss you..
ape tg best sal die ni?? 

  • pemalu(kalu dikaco sahaja)hahaa
  • personality hmpir sama!!eh,.asal cm tiru ape die komen sal amoy?haha :D
  • comel,.eh,.of course,.requirement na jdi adik agkt amoy uh,.one and foremost reason klu na jdi my adopted sistar,.ceh,.tatela,.tipu je :)
  • eyy,.ape lagi a,.mnt org sejenis?eh,.salah3,.mnt org yg sama gaya ok,.bkn sama org atau yg anda fkirkn -ve tu,.hee 
  • syg die,.die salu ksi bnde manis kalu amoy nga sdey,.tau2 je bile amoy sdeh,.,nah,.cmnila adek solehah.,]
hebat dlm mengedit ni,.adoy,.kalu soh die edit gambo org muka ta lawa un da jdi lwa sbb die wat,.hahaa,.
na ijadikan cerita,.ktorg tersuka dgn org yg ada prtalian drh,.adoy,.jodohnye,..emm,,.tyme tu,,amoy dh rase happy sgt..adoy,.comelnye budak ni :),.serius,.die lawa kan?
tgok mata die,.die dh terjebak dgn amoy,.astaghfirullah,.ape amoy wat ni,.aja bnde cm gini lak,.ahhaa,.;)  
na tnye,.muka amoy ngn die same ta??tpi muka die ngn minah ni same kan?

same kan?tapi die ta caye,,.ahhaa,.amoy rindu adeq,.:'(
skunk die ngah berkursus.,sibuknye die,.msti pnat..okla,.
kcian die kne crik ruang na text ngn amoy,.hee...mlm ni die jnji na bukak blog moy :) syg die,.
jgn marah ngn amoy k?eh,.cpe yg brani ckp die prasan ni?amoy yg ckp muke die cm suzy miss A,.bkn die sndri ok,.cpe ckp die prasan g sipa die!!
okla,.gtg,.amoy bnyk kje, :) love u sistar ;)
bo na ckp,.amoy bnci kucing,.tu jela yg ktorg ta same! ! :D