Friday, July 6, 2012

last semester of becoming foundy~

              the semester of legend,.where smth ends...

I love to study..but then,.my study went wrong at the end of the sem as I assume the coursework marks are the best indicator to know what am I stdying for the whole semester?I am wondering,.where is the mistake?am I too lazy?
first and foremost..I'd like to express my feelings towards this ending semester of being foundy~
  • happy beginning!
 I'm quiet impressed with my result..why not?I got almost full marks for all my quizzes in respective subjects.,huhu!proud of myself! :) btw,.I ve moved to another village,.meaning to say another 'mansion; I can say,.where there are 11 members in it!! I felt like staying at home with my bombastic housemates+tutormates+couresemates,.bla2..
every evening,.with my beloved friends Khai,.we went jog!wow!with full determination,.I ran at about 20 mins non-stop,.ahah,.amazing!I can't believe that my strength was that much~
playing games,.cycling,.all we did together,.some times with my fellow housemates also,.not to forget,.amy..

heee,.my new hobbies?see you in the next post!!

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