Friday, January 13, 2012

semester 2 history,..

      Hello.,me myself wondering,.how can I keep my 'feelings' away from my education matters??>
First and foremost,.Id like to summarize my 1st semester foundation in UTP,.
best!!!!!hahaa,.yeah,.I like it,..less cry,.less pain,.happy always,.why do I need to be sad as I have all my friends right beside me,.whatever I do,.Wherever I go,.always be,.
convo fair festive

best-est friends since sem1 

2nd semester in UTP!~
First,.it is after eid raya,.huhu,.so sad,.Im very tired,.just imagine,.going back to KUCHING from PERAK is not an interesting journey to have.,
  1. Having a ride to Batu Gajah Train center- ETS
  2.  Riding ETS to KL CENTRAL
  3. Taking bus@cab@klia express-the most efficient
  4. Aviation through air,.fly to KUCHING
  5. Waiting for parents to fetch me up
  6. Home sweet home...
kl central


this was my first time experienced of having this kind of long2 journey..
I am a bit shocked on my first day of stepping this sem,.it is regarding the subjects itself!!
  1. THINKING SKILLS-how to think??
  2. ISLAMIC STUDIES-P.A.I in English??
  4. ENGLISH II-IELTS Banding??
  5. CO-CURRICULUM-I like!!

All of these subjects have its own story behind it,..
Thinking skills??
Oh no,.I did enjoyed the class at first,.no cry,.no pain,.but,.as the times grew older n older..I am sleepy in lectures,.it is not because of the lecturer,.me myself!aaa,.lack of focus,.dunno why,.as I bored,.I'll play,.hhaH,.making noises,.mumbling,.aaaaaiyaaaa,.boredom around my head,when come to test,.ahah!Gotcha~~my first one was bad,.It goes a little bit ok n ok later,.but still,.affect my coursework mark!huh!!its okay,.praise to Allah,.not too low,.ok,.but still,.aaaaaaaaaaaaa.,
    next,."ok,.I want group 16 to meet me after this,."I was like, is regarding our t.s group project,."yes sir,.?".,"your group have a problem,,.it is about plagiarism,.""what???!!who are plagiarizer ?"sigh,..there are group who sent their hardcopy project exactly as ours,.mmm,.i think,.this is the reason why my group cant score full mark,.minus 2 marks,.
Islamic studies..
"almost perfect!"the term i like the most,.when my group done the presentation for the outreach project entitled 'war in islam'.hahah./why not!serious,.i did not prepare anything on that day,.because ustazah 'called' us randomly,.i tried my best,.n,.it works!
   too good to be true,.there loads of homework need to be done and submit on time,.,'your homework for today is....'stack of homework need to be compiled at the end of week 14,.aiiiuu!~
with my 'sisters!'

my fellow departments during activity

fellow girls
   The down to earth project,.i am in the event n protocol departments,.aaaii,.what to do a?we are going to 'rumah anak yatim darul hikmah,gopeng,perak' meet those orphanage there.,hee,.I like it!! 
         memorization and recitation of alquran,.hahaa,.i was freaky nervous,.since my alfatihah recitation got mixed with other suras,.haha,..shameful,.nervous what,.hahaa
         islamic speech review,.my session was on the last trip,.haha,.it entitled perished nations,.praised to allah,.it ran smoothly,.hahaa,.i cnt believe that i can recite several ayahs in surahs al-waqiah fluently n also gave their respective meanings,.thank god!
        what was also i cnt forget is the learning session.,.ustazah showed some videos to us,,as usual,.an islamic videos,.aa,.creepy,.i do prefer those beautiful pics,.but!not an DISGUSTING onE,.euww,.like,.hukm hudud,.(chop off head).,the crime scene(cats,dogs,goats etc,being slaughtered),.eee,.current issues,.as usual,.hahaa,.sometimes funny,.sometimes,.a meaningful event to all of us,.what we need to concern,,what to avoid n what to practice,.
portfolio,.-sum up homework,.+reflections+friends mind maps +personal details,.
ok!!done with i.s tasks!
last day..

aeshh,."what was he talking about just now??"typical question asked to my course mates,.haha,.i dont understand single word u know!!!!!!
hahaa,.I am once took science field,.so,.its a big awkward of studying programming a.k.a IT now,.plus,.Im also weak in compute-ring,.plus,.lack of interest in software engineering,.
  the benefits are,.I can study a lot about some programs in several laptops,.pc or any electronic device that use the C++ code to run,.hahaa,.funny,.awesomeness,.I screamed countless timeif I can run n design a program,.now,.i miss it!
   test,.quizzes,.assignments,.all over,,I am happy with it,.but projects?.a bit clumsy,.still,.I'm very satisfied,m..

english II.,

i like my English's lecturer,.' his accent,.wow!!my first impression will be"eh?Seri,.do u know where he came from?is he Malaysian?>>"same goes to Islamic studies,.hundreds of tasks,.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... 

  • CASE STUDY-traditional jobs-rubber taper,midwife,shepherd..
GRRRRRR,.all done,.ahhahaha,.tired what,.:p
n now come this part,heee.,,cocu!!


behind the scene
im taking basic dance for my cocu,.heee,.I love to dance,.I have my own crews,.haha,.namely papiilion,.we have to present group performance +individually..guest what,.my group got 27/30,.hee,.and me myself got 53/60 for individual,.hee,.at first,.I am not very satisfied,.but when I heard that our n my performance was the best n achieved the highest marks among the other dancers,.I was really happy!!its amused me! heee,.it paid all those efforts we've being through/.,
all of us,.heee!!I lke!@

nowww,.I am enjoying two weeks holidays,.i love my current roommate,.love you marsha!!
still at v2,.but together we brought all of our belongings to village 4.,
by hook or by crook,.walking what,.tired loh,.no car,.no lorry,.
  • prank ninie-bfday
  • went to teluk batik-banana boat+coffee boat
  • ipoh parade-christmas with kyah+unknown,.hahaa,.thanks syahrul
  • watching marsha performing her assessment-caklempong
  • missing test paper-programming
  • wrong assignment done-programming
  • rush to class@wrong class
  • knew a few people inside and ouside UTP-teheeeee,.
  • final exam-susah wo!!  
its all abouts sem II,.I like it!hope I can forget the past and lead a happy life ever,.amin,....