Monday, November 26, 2012

ok,if that is your wish.. many things that hurts i'm a bit down..

frankly speaking,i'm so sad lately,i've done such bad job.annoyed others,crying like crazy--deep inside ''who cares?'' no one cares..
i duno why,am i too disgusting in the eyes of YOU?i need someone to talk to,to share,to cry on when i've faced problem,but there's none.null=zero=0..i am searching for YOu all day long,but u seems so busy,so i just give a try--contact you,stalk you,anything..
but when you are there,u avoid me,why?why pple tend to avoid me?i've tried my best to reduce mistakes,im trying to be as happy as i can to minimize my stress,i really hope that YOU are the one who support me from the back,but up to today,u just successfully gave me 3 hazardous words,reminder,cautions which are obviously forcing me not to find u,depend on you,just give on you.ok..that is the 3rd one,i think thats enough for me already,pray for your happiness,goodluck in everything,assalam 

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