Saturday, November 10, 2012

its sunday! XD

the list of things done n not yet done :

done from 4th - 11th nov:

  1.  vc--vector calculus
  2.  FF--fluid flow
  3.  oc-- organic chemistry
  4.  PCE-- principle of chemical engineering
  5.  IS-- islamic studies
  • Monday-- vc n FF submission of --assignment
  • Tuesday-- oc lab report
  • Wednesday-- test FF
  • Thursday-- assignment oc n hysys in PCE
  • Friday-- PCE test
  • Saturday-- suppose caklempong assestment
  • Sunday-- assignment IS *submit on monday 12th

  • dance practice every night from 2030-0000
  • pesta gamelan
  • washing clothes
  • update status *lalala
  • texting
  • dating *oops
  • hang out frens
  • mcd
  • ipoh
  • cinema
  • sleeping!

basically,these few weeks bring me tiredness,as long as there are no holidays,means u are still in UTP. == .luckily im goin back tomorrow!wana meet mama,daddy n my beloved sistar especially as as they just arrived in KL on 6th,.super excited! (except mama,came earlier),this had successfully motivate me to undergo this scary couples weeks ever in UTP.
      here,id like to emphasize,don't judge a book by its cover,really hate it! haha,in a sudden,watever,first of all,id like to thnks those who appreciate me as their frens bcoz of ull support towards me,im quite busy,i really need entertainment to cheer  n freshen me tired,aha (*insight,) to save time,  i mean like for the preparations of tests n quizzes, i tend to have 2 packets of instance noodle.what the :O
meals of the day (quiz,test)

oppps,im writing in the sleepy mode,!why not,arrive UKM 1330 saturday,function ended,0000 sunday,off to UTP around 0100,reached UTP 0430,i miss my bed!ok,later cont with another events in  my life,wanna sleep after finishing my laundry session,.~tatata @@

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