Friday, November 16, 2012

im so sorry..

sometimes,i feel like i am the one who creates all the problems occurred.
people tend to find me when it is regarding homework tasks,assignments,n anything that they think benefit to them.i feel happy inside,but my moms said ''don't u feel like they don't  even ask if u got problems?they just pretending that they care,but they din,if they did,why ur still crying n craving for me? ''...
i like it when u say ''are u okay amoy?u seems so sad''at least u recognize me.u ur so observant..i like it when,''sokay amoy,if u dowant to share,later if u find that ur so depressed,just give me a call..
if u feel like i am the want who obstruct u,just say it,but not loudly,send me a text,give me some signs,signs carries no meaning with avoiding me here,never create ur own war,ill try my best to solve it as u treat others equally..
if u don't know anything,never interrupt,search for the real truth,once again,don't be arrogant as u can solve everything by ourselves, we are human,we need other living creatures to stand still here on earth,

p/s: i'm not alien..

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