Friday, October 14, 2011

convo faor~~

''my family!!~~''
              i really love tis night!!!im gonna miss u all,.tis os bcoz.,

Myra Idora H-gave me smth,.i really appreciated it!,i wanna cry,jiwangs,.my heart melted.,''i bought tis for u'' :')
Alya Shobri-''family tree,.''teh o ice'',''limau~'''!.tronoh's drifter!''tis expression made me smile~'')
Khairiyah Ibrahim-make me laugh with her cute expression when found 'hello kitty'',.anytihg bout it.,heee,.''amoy!hello kitty there!'')
Muhammad Haziq Zulkipli-brought his camera to capture our moment togther,.eventhough he came late.,at least he knew wat he has to do to(camera!),.''ok,.3,2,1'')
Muhammad Iman Mostaffa-plays important roles with his chubby face,.omomo~~wat i cant cntrol myself laughing when he ran over the emrgncy line just to hve da best postion ever''yaaaahh,.run!'')
Seri Rahimah Lidu-''awesome'',ma...***** comin,''''cool yau!''hehehe,.tis is u~who knows the real seri is like tis,keep it up'!)
Azreen Rin-''hancau!,.limau~''''hw da cyap?.''brain sektor A,.ur cool,.but ur genius!hehehe'')
Siti Nursyazwani-''anak ibu,.yg trsyg,.'',;;nasi satu!hee,.''''tkutla jln glap2'',always telling smth with excited expression~)

i love all of you,.!!evrything with their own style~maintain bro!!

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