Monday, December 10, 2012


i am just praised to Allah that I have so many friends that cares about me,..

5th of December : toothache fever+ headache..

  • i dunno why, my toothache on this day is so bad,since I cried like crazy in my room,n eventually let it flooded the room with my tears..tears falls and falls,I were so sad.why not,the pain is too terrible,and guess what,i felt like i have a migraine (one-side headache)
  • 315 am : called Elyna n her boyfie to ask help ; bring me to the nearest clinic.( can I call Utp's clinic a clinic?yes,that's why they din provide corresponding medicine for toothache , think so ..) touched 1st time..
  • thank god, apez (annes's boyfie) got car,so that they can bring me to 7E to find a painkiller ,yeah,they got it, so called '' Hurix's Toothache drop''.it heals a bit,but still, >.<
  • then come back UTP, relieve a bit,happy :) tomorrow----6th , i din go to lecture,not enough sleep lor ,sorry my lecturer's, i din mean it..
  • alwani and wan, my companion,day and night,; (lecture..)called me..touched 2nd time..
  • and you now what,seri bought me jelly and visit me at my room,brought the yummy 'sumi' with all those test papers,assignments and quizzes, touched..for the 3rd time :')
  • those classmates, keep on asking '' are u okay?'' ,asked in tweeter..touched 4th time..
  • fridayy--7th: finishing Pce MEB (mass energy balance with seri at IRC + ) practice for caklempong assestment)
  • saturdayy---caklempong assesment : fine! i like it! :)
  • saturday---finishing FF project!and my groupmate were all awesome! XD
  • sundayy---finishing PCE project with seri :)
  • monday--- submit FF project + PCE project----Test o chem @@
  • in coming weeks : test 2 FF, quiz VC ,quiz PCE ,test IS n bla2,.@@

road to final in 3 weeks time : (27th Dec 2012)

see you in 3rd january ><